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edizione 2015 25, 26, 27 Marzo Università Bocconi - Milano
Claudia Segre

Claudia Segre

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Sala 3 | Ore 17:45 - 18:45

Dopo la Grecia, mercati alla prova elezioni: Spagna, Portogallo, Polonia e UK: implicazioni sui portafogli e sulle valute

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General Secretary Assiom Forex ACI Chairman Board of Education, Board Member ACI International Mrs. SEGRE has more than 25 years of experience in international markets, with particular emphasis on Fixed Income & FX, DCM and International Relations. She did introductory speech at the ACI World Congress 2015 and acted as Moderator to the Workshop : “Emerging Markets vs. Developed Markets: New World Equilibrium. China’s Leadership on global macro”. She is actually Executive Director – Senior Private Banker for Banca Euromobiliare, Credem Group . Previously she has been Head of Financial Istitutions & Infragroup for Credito Emiliano Group, covering relationship management, credit monitoring, and market services for institutional clients and the Group. Before she was Head of Mkts Area in Milan and she was invited by CFAE Beijing for a Lecture to the China Financial Market Development Intl. Forum, in 2013 from Eurex & in 2014 from 100WHF as a speaker on EMIR.She is usually guest speaker at the Italian Trading Forum, (2011-2014). Claudia worked in Unicredit Group where she covered the global Responsability for Risk Analysis & Risk Rating Assignment, for Countries and Financial Institutions. She joined UCI in 2000 prior as a Head of Emerging and New Europe Trading and then in Rome as Responsible for UE,Supras and Ctrl. Banks Relations. She was a member of Euro MTS New Europe Committee and usually participated to Multilaterals Annual Meetings (IMF, IADB, .).Previously she was Head of Emerging Mkts Trading in Caboto Holding, Intesa Group from 1993 to 2000. She is a strategist and an expert in Geopolitics and Financial Mkts. She did a Lecture at the Parliamentary Union of the Islamic Countries in Kampala, and in 2011 for ACI World Congress on Islamic Finance. Following cooperation studies on Islamic Finance with Luiss University and Fondazione Basso in Rome. Quoted on Vita e Pensiero and L’Osservatore Romano. She is author of articles on topics concerning Global Mkts Scenario and Geopolitics, cooperating with Investire, ITForum Newsletter, La Mia, Borsa Italiana NewsLetter,Borsa e Finanza, La Repubblica ,F Finanza , Business Community and other media. Often quoted in italian financial newspapers and networks, (CFN CNBC, RAI3, Rainews24, Radio Sole 24 Ore) as an expert on international dynamics.Well reputed in Italy and abroad.